Thursday, May 26, 2011

Lost one battle - but the war continues

Here's the Oregonian article on the long day at City Council yesterday, where votes were taken on Portland Water Bureau rates, contracts and budgets.  Big thanks to everyone who attended, wrote letters, made phone calls, signed postcards, testified and otherwise worked to bring common sense back to the City Council.

The Bad News: Nick Fish was a complete disappointment, voting against a good budget amendment offered by Amanda Fritz  and giving credit to the Water Bureau for work that has not been done and will not be done under Randy Leonard's watch.  Dan Saltzman voted for the water rate increase and was absent for the afternoon vote. The City attorney grossly misrepresented the alternative path to compliance put forward by Water User's attorneys, supporting the case for the status quo (Quick! Build $400 million dollars in unnecessary projects as fast as you possibly can!)

The Good News: We had wonderful testimony from businesses and community members. We've created an informed, active, broad coalition and we're growing! There are other opportunities to force a change and we'll be working every one of them.

Join us in sending a huge thanks to Commissioner Amanda Fritz, the only council member to vote against a 13% water rate increase and against hugely wasteful spending in the $80 million Powell Butte 2 construction project. Most importantly, she put forth a budget note that would have required the City, in the coming year, to look at new opportunities for treatment, storage and variance on the open reservoirs.
She did not get a singe vote in support from fellow Commissioners.  

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