Friday, May 20, 2011

Hell does not have to freeze over

(Portland Water Bureau staff stated in January that hell would freeze over before we could save our open reservoirs, which have provided safe and affordable drinking water for over 100 years.)

Over 100 people turned out for Wednesday morning's water rate hearing, which ran over its alloted 30 minutes by almost 5 hours. Forty-five people signed up to speak on behalf of protecting our open reservoirs from senseless LT2 projects, including Siltronics, Portland Bottling Co., Yo Cream, Alsco Linen, and Physicians for Social Responsibility. The next morning Mayor Sam Adams convened a good meeting to learn more about the new legal opinion and an alternate path that could prevent wasteful spending.
Urgent Update: See "What You Can Do" on right panel

KBOO's Joe Meyer ran a 4 minute piece which holds several interesting quotes from Fritz, Saltzman, and Adams (they begin at minute 2:45). But if there is one thing I aboslutely don't want you to miss it's the quote from Dave Wagner, formerly of EPA's Office of General Council, stating there is a legal path to both a variance and a timeline extension for the reservoirs (minute 1:52). It seems Hell does not have to freeze over before our reservoirs can be saved!

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