Thursday, March 15, 2012

Why Our Work Is Not Done

Listen to this OPB interview with Portland Water Bureau administrator David Shaff  this morning.  He confirms that the variance announced yesterday can be easily revoked because the state will not attempt to distinguish between types of cryptosporidium.  MOST are not infectious to humans yet any detection of any type will count against us. He characterizes the conditions set by the state as "3 strikes and you're out."   Yet another reason why we must act quickly to change the LT2 rule now under review by the EPA.
Relevant discussion starts at minute 35:19 

Please take a moment today to thank Senator Jeff Merkley for helping us get this far in our efforts to protect the Bull Run and affordable, pure water.  His dedication and hard work has made a world of difference and will continue to be critical. Call his office and leave a message for him with his great staff.  

Portland office:  503.326.3386
DC office:         202.224.3753
or email by visiting 

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