Monday, August 22, 2011

Exciting News!

Our coalition sent a letter to Senator Ron Wyden on August 18, 2011 which requested that he work with Senator Charles Schumer to reform the LT2 Rule on open reservoirs. (Schumer had written a July letter to EPA Administrator Lisa Jackson requesting relief on LT2 open reservoir requirements for New York City, a move we applauded from afar. New York City residents will be forced to pay $1.6 billion to cover the Hillview Reservoir if there is no relief.)

Then Jackson responded with a letter to Schumer on August 19, stating:"I agree with you that we should and can find cost-effective ways of achieving these public health protections. For this reason, EPA will initiate a review process for the regulation requiring covers on reservoirs such as Hillview."

Steve Duin broke the story (or was it Steve Novick?) At any rate, now is the time for our congressional delegation to work with Schumer and the EPA to reform this cookie-cutter rule and give Portland a variance or a waiver from this unreasonable requirement. We should not be forced to pay half-billion dollars to treat a public health problem that does not exist here!

Since our letter was sent to Senator Wyden, others have joined the call to action, including
  • Mt. Tabor Neighborhood Association
  • Central Eastside Industrial Council
  • Portland Business Alliance
  • Eileen Brady, member of the Mt. Tabor Reservoirs Independent Review Panel (2004) and candidate for Mayor of Portland

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